The News | 9 PM | 05 August, 2022

Sansad TV
In The News: Vice Presidential election to be held tomorrow. No privileges for MPs in criminal matters, clarifies Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu. Congress holds demonstrations against inflation, unemployment. BJP says protests aimed at saving Gandhi family. Reserve Bank hikes repo rate by half per cent, estimates retail inflation to touch 6.7% in current financial year. China imposes sanctions on Nancy Pelosi and continues massive military exercise near Taiwan. The Bank of England hiked interest rates by the largest amount in more than 27 years, projecting that the United Kingdom’s economy will enter a recession at the end of the year. Parts of the Great Barrier Reef record their highest amount of coral cover in over 36 years.

Anchor: Bhawna G Nayar
Producers: C Shiva Kumar, Ritika Srivastava
Assistant Producers : Raj Kumar Yadav, Krushan Patel
Copy editors: Rajiv Kumar, Isha Shah


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