Sansad TV Special Report Hindi | Jagdeep Dhankhar Vice President- Elect | 06 August, 2022

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The election of a Kisan Putra – Jagdeep Dhankhar to the second highest office is testimony to the tenets enshrined in the vibrancy and strength of Indian democracy. India’s Vice President Elect personifies the phrase From Humble Beginning to the Pinnacle Of Success.
It takes a diverse set of skills to outgrow modest circumstances and ascend the pinnacle.
Jagdeep Dhankhar has been in public life for nearly three decades – as a legal doyen, a philanthropist, a writer, reader, orator and a politician.
He has donned many hats and excelled in all of them.
His exemplary journey begins in a small village of Rajasthan.

Anchor & Reporter- Kriti Mishra
Producer- Raj Yadav
Camera- Junaid, Jitendra Negi
Camera Assistant- Pradeep Kumar
Video Editors- Bikas, Chandan, Rohit

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