Sansad TV Special Report | Assam Legislative Assembly | 03 July, 2022

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The Assam Legislative Assembly came into being on the day of its first sitting on April 7, 1937 in the Assembly Chamber at Shillong, the erstwhile Capital of the composite State of Assam. Situated in the North East of the Country, Assam has had a glorious history of her own. Popularly known as the ethnological museum of India, Assam has been described as Mini-India, having a rich cultural heritage with diverse race, religion and culture. Assam under the provisions of India Council Act, 1861 did not have its own democratic institution but was tagged with East Bengal in 1905 and the Institution was then called Legislative Council of Eastern Bengal and Assam;, which started functioning from December 18, 1906. After the partition of India, Sylhet district of Assam was transferred to the then East Pakistan by a referendum and the strength of the Assembly was reduced to 71. However, after Independence, the strength of members was again raised to 108. The bicameral Assam Legislative Assembly became unicameral with the abolition of the Assam Legislative Council in 1947.

Anchor and Producer: Kriti Mishra
Camera: Junaid Iqbal Khan, Nilesh Pande
Camera Assistant: Sunil Paswan
Video Editor: Mukhtar Ali

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