Perspective: Ukraine-Russia Conflict | 14 December, 2021

In this episode of the Perspective Prog. based on Ukraine-Russia Conflict. Russia has sought immediate talks to secure clear legal agreements that Nato will not expand eastwards. This was conveyed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday. This came a day after G7 Foreign Ministers and EU representative issued a statement condemning Russia’s military build-up and aggressive rhetoric towards Ukraine. A build-up of Russian military troops along Ukraine and Russia’s shared 1,200-mile border has raised the tensions in the area. Ukraine and Russia share hundreds of years of cultural, linguistic and familial links. As part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the second-most powerful Soviet republic after Russia, and was crucial strategically, economically and culturally. Ever since Ukraine split from the Soviet Union, both Russia and the West have vied for greater influence in the country in order to keep the balance of power in the region in their favour.

Anchor:- Vishal Dahiya

Producer:- Amit Srivastav, Sagheer Ahmad

Guest Name:-

1. Alexandra Zubenko, Research Fellow, PIR Centre, Moscow

2. Anil Trigunayat, Former Ambassador

3. Prof. Swaran Singh, Chairperson, Centre for International Politics, Organization & Disarmament, JNU

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