Perspective: Productivity of Monsoon Session | 09 August, 2022

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he Monsoon Session of the Parliament which commenced on 18th of July, was adjourned sine die on 8th August, two working days ahead of schedule. The Session provided 16 sittings spread over a period of 22 days.
During the Session 6 Bills were introduced in Lok Sabha. 7 Bills were passed by Lok Sabha and 5 Bills were passed by Rajya Sabha. One Bill was withdrawn with the leave of Lok Sabha.A total of 5 bills were passed by both Houses of Parliament during the Session.Lok Sabha recorded a productivity of 48% and that of Rajya Sabha was around 44%.The session also saw the election of the new President and the Vice-President, who is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha.In this edition of ‘Perspective’, we’ll get an overview from experts on the just concluded monsoon session, reasons for the limited legislative activity in both Houses and an analysis on some of the Bills that have been passed.

1. Sandeep Phukan, Senior Journalist
2. Mukesh Kaushik, Sr Journalist
3. Chakshu Roy, Head of Outreach, PRS

Anchor: Teena Jha
Producer: Pardeep Kumar
Production: Sagheer Ahmed

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