Perspective : Education Reforms | 28 December, 2021

In this episode of the Perspective Prog. based on Education Reforms. In which today we’re going to focus on the observations and suggestions of the Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth, and Sports – which submitted its report on the Reforms in Content and Design of School Text Books in the just concluded Winter session of Parliament. Chaired by Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, the committee held consultations with a wide range of stakeholders, including the State and Central institutions, responsible for drafting textbooks and curricula, as well as education experts and civil society representatives… following which it made a number of observations and recommendations on the quality of textbooks, updating syllabus, depiction of history, representation of women in textbooks, information on drug & internet addiction and so on.. In Perspective today, we will analyse these aspects that aim to transform our school education system. Besides, we will also discuss the disruptions and challenges posed by the pandemic to children’s education and how we are addressing them.

Anchor:- Teena Jha
Producer:- Amit Srivastav, Sagheer Ahmad

Guest Name:-
1. Dr. Sridhar Srivastava, Director, NCERT
2. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha & Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee of HRD


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