Perspective: Combating Deepfakes | 24 November, 2023

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Deepfake has emerged as a serious threat to democracy and social institutions across the world. Propagation of deepfake content via social media platforms has aggravated this challenge. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has, from time to time, advised social media platforms to exercise due diligence and take expeditious action against deepfake.  IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw recently interacted with representatives from academia, industry bodies and social media companies on the need to ensure effective response to deepfake. . It was further agreed that within the next 10 days, actionable items on four pillars would be identified including Detection, Prevention, Reporting and creating awareness. The Centre will soon appoint an officer to take appropriate action against such content



  1. Dr. Sandip Chatterjee, Scientist G and Group Coordinator, MEITY
  2. Prof.Chetan Arora,Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IIT Delhi


Anchor: Kriti Mishra

Producer: Surender Sharma

Technical Team: Ashutosh Jha, Sanjeev Gupta, Nitin, Syed Farhat Ali, Rishi Chauhan, Braja, Shivaji, Manoj

Guest Team: Deepti Vashishth, Vinod Kumar Singh


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