Perspective - Chip’ping In For Industry 4.0 | 21 December, 2021

The Union Cabinet recently approved a comprehensive program for the development of sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem in the country. With an outlay of Rs.76,000 crore (10 billion US dollars), the scheme has incentives for every part of supply chain including electronic components, sub-assemblies, and finished goods. In total, the Government of India has committed support of Rs. 2,30,000 crore (USD 30 billion) to position India as global hub for electronics manufacturing with semiconductors as the foundational building block. Coming at a time when the entire world is facing a shortage of semiconductors, analysts say the move could go a long way in establishing the country as a global hub for electronics goods, besides creating jobs and attracting investments from top firms around the world.

What are the broad incentives that have been approved, how will the approved program help India boost its semiconductor capabilities, the practical challenges despite the fiscal support, and the technological collaborations required to propel India towards becoming a semiconductor hub?

These are aspects we will be looking at on the show today

Anchor:- Teena Jha

Producer:- Amit Srivastava

Guest Name:

Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India

Ajai Chowdhry, Founder Member, HCL

AK Bhattacharya, Editorial Director, Business Standard

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