Arthniti |अर्थनीति।आवासन और शहरी विकास। स्मार्ट सिटिज़। 25 January, 2023

In India out of the total population of 1210.2 million as on 1st March, 2011, about 377.1 million are in urban areas. The net addition of population in urban areas over the last decade is 91.0 million.

The percentage of urban population to the total population of the country stands at 31.6. There has been an increase 3.35 percentage points in the proportion of urban population in the country during 2001-2011.

What to expect from this budget for this sector? Watch only on Sansad TV with the distinguished panel of guests.


1. Dr. P S N Rao, Director , School of Planning and Architecture

2-Dr. K. K. Pande, Professor, Urban Management, IIPA

Anchor: Harsh Ranjan
Producer: Surendra Kumar
Guest relations: Deepti Vashisht, Manoj Gupta

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